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How to Capture a demon's heart (1).jpg


Darcy isn’t looking for love. In fact, all she wants is for her ex to leave her alone to run her bar and hang out with the regulars who are almost like family. But when a sexy stranger comes to her defense, she can’t help but feel drawn to him. Ranger’s a dealer demon, bored with tricking humanity out of their souls, and desperate for excitement.

In Darcy’s ex they find a common enemy. Ranger usually avoids the Marshalls, but for Darcy, he keeps finding himself in the line of fire with her ex-boyfriend, a violent and obsessive Marshall whose hatred for Ranger is almost eclipsed by his fixation on Darcy and making her miserable.

But luck is on their side, and a wise woman of far-away New Orleans has unwittingly given them the key to freedom for both of them, if they can figure it out before the war between hunters and demons consumed them both.

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