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A Royal Huntress Temp Cover.jpg

A Royal Huntress

(Coming Soon!)

There are only two ways you leave the Wild Hunt: You die, or you’re too old to get the job done.


That was until Jinx up and left without an explanation. For the last five years, she’s lived in the human world, chasing down rogue supernaturals and filling in on occasion at the bar beneath her apartment to make ends meet.


All of that changes the day her little sister shows up on her doorstep.


The King of the Wild Hunt has been taken, and not even the greatest of hunters can find him.


Left with no other choice but to help, Jinx returns home to a kingdom that thinks she abandoned them. And if that’s not bad enough, she has to work with the insufferably attractive Draven Hellguard to find her father.


After being gone for so long, she can’t help but feel like unseen things are happening at Castle Tor. Unsure who she can trust and who’s out to destroy her family, Jinx is only sure about one thing.


Whoever did this is going to pay, and she won’t stop until they do.


"Amanda Hocking meets Sarah J. Maas!" - USA Today Bestselling Author Olivia Wildenstein


"Magical, pulse-pounding, and beautifully romantic... I can't wait for more of this fantastic new series. Graceley Knox weaves a wicked spell!" - Lara Adrian, New York Times bestselling author of MIDNIGHT UNBOUND 


"More than a book, Mark of Truth is an experience." -Angeline at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews


"Graceley Knox debuts with a fantasy that will immerse the reader into her world, and make them never want to leave." - Once Upon an Alpha


"Graceley Knox turns adrenaline into words, then combines them with a true storyteller's magic into a novel I couldn't put down. Her alternative world is richly drawn but passionately explored, and occupied by characters now woven into my heart..." -USA Today Bestselling author, Angel Payne


"Graceley Knox has blown me away... This tale will take you on a magical journey that brings Fae and Goblins to life. Definitely the best Faery book that I have ever read." - Tina at Bookalicious Babes Blog


"Mark of Truth was absolutely spellbinding! It held me captive from the start. Ever and Dare have such a strong force of animal attraction and I cannot wait to see what happens next! So, I say, bring on more Elves, Goblins and Fae my friend!" - Mindy, Talkbooks


USA Today bestselling author, Graceley Knox, suffers from a serious caffeine and book addiction-and she's not apologizing for it. She writes wicked paranormal and fantasy romance with snarky heroines and sexy heroes. By day she works in the publishing industry, and by night, she plots out the many ideas cluttering her mind. Her free time is spent with her fabulous family and Bengal kitties. She loves to connect with fans on social media, so stop by and say hello!

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