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Frankie’s hidden from her gift of sight for as long as she can remember. Long enough that the headaches, the nightmares, and the failed relationships seem to be just her life, and not the symptoms of her true pain. She’s known among her friends as the matchmaker, but no one knows just how she manages to find the perfect man for others, when she’s been hurt so badly herself.

When death forces her to return to the idyllic, but stifling small town she grew up in, that threadbare restraint threatens to fail her completely. Cash draws her to him, and with each touch, the premonitions grow stronger, and her ability to ignore them weaker. Adam gives her the calm she needs to stay in control, but the pull of his body makes her feel anything but. Devon is the spark that welds them together and stirs a flame threatens to burn her to ashes.

Together, they’re the perfect men for a girl with runaway psychic powers to keep her from going insane. If being with them all doesn’t drive her crazy first..


Part of the How to Date a Supernatural series:

  • How to Date a Werewolf . . . or 3

  • How to Capture a Demon's Heart

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