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How To Be A Necromancer

How to Be A Necromancer - The Complete Series 

When your family has one world-changing, dark secret to hide—you assume it’s the only one. 

The latest in a long line of powerful necromancers, Vexa is just trying to live a normal life without starting a zombie apocalypse. But after twenty-seven years of suppressing her powers, Vexa's secret catches up to her in the form of a strange candle, a relic of the days when her ancestors had complete power over life and death, and in a gorgeous man with a terrible curse. 


But a sinister ancestor and a captivating enemy have other plans for her. She may finally have found a place where she can truly be herself . . . if the dark forces pursuing the candle don't destroy her first.

The How to Be A Necromancer Series is an Action-Packed, Sexy Urban Fantasy Series, from USA Today bestselling authors, D.D.Miers & Graceley Knox.


Part of the How to Be a Necromancer series:

Published: June 3,  2019

Editors:  Lorraine Fico-White

Cover Artists: Rebecca Frank Design

Genres: Paranormal RomanceReverse HaremUrban Fantasy

Tags: AlphaMaleFaeFantasyMagicNecromancerRomanceSeriesShiftersWitchesWolves

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