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Part of the How to Be a Necromancer series:


Who knew picking up the wrong knick-knack could cause so much damn trouble?

Since the events of her Uncle’s wake, things have only grown more complicated for Vexa. The new, uneasy alliance with Gwydion has given her, Cole, and Ethan a tentative hope for a way to break the curse that is slowly turning Ethan into a monster. Unfortunately, that hope is quickly dashed when Gwydion's twin and opposite Gilfaethwy escapes and steals an artifact of incredible importance. Vexa and the others pursue him on a whirlwind chase through the Other Lands, including the palace of the Seelie Fae and the depths of the Dwarven Undercity. 

Meanwhile, the growing connection between Vexa and Gwydion forces Vexa to reconsider her relationship with Ethan, who fluctuates between being all too ready to give up on breaking the curse and let her go, and throwing himself recklessly after any happiness he can find before the curse takes him, including Vexa . . . and Cole. 

Can they discover Gil's plan and break Ethan's curse? Or will a deadly combination of fairy bargains, murderous monsters, and Vexa's own untamable power tear them all apart?


Published: August 23, 2018

Editors:  Lorraine Fico-White

Cover Artists: Rebecca Frank Design

Genres: Paranormal RomanceReverse HaremUrban Fantasy

Tags: AlphaMaleFaeFantasyMagicNecromancerRomanceSeriesShiftersWitchesWolves

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