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Part of the How to Be a Necromancer series:


When your family has one world-changing, dark secret to hide—you assume it’s the only one.

Vexa’s life has always been a bit unconventional, but things have recently taken a sharp right toward the ridiculous. Aethon, her 600-year-old ancestor, has the candle. Vexa's power is bound to it and though she survived, no one knows when he'll show up again to try and break the bond.

With the help of rival necromancer Cole, Vexa races to master the powers she's suppressed most of her life. Abrasive and enigmatic, Cole makes her heart race for more than one reason.

But Ethan, the gorgeous werewolf who helped her defeat Aethon initially, is in trouble. His curse is progressing faster than ever, making it more difficult to control his transformations to the monster he becomes when the Wolf takes over.

Stop Aethon. Reclaim the candle. Save Ethan. Can she do it all?


Published: July 17, 2018

Editors:  Lorraine Fico-White

Cover Artists: Rebecca Frank Design

Genres: Paranormal RomanceReverse HaremUrban Fantasy

Tags: AlphaMaleFaeFantasyMagicNecromancerRomanceSeriesShiftersWitchesWolves

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