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Born a misfit. Destined to become a queen.

Morgan’s life has always been complicated. But now, pregnant with the only fae-witch-shifter child in existence, the target on her head has become an insurmountable problem.

Celebrations will have to wait because the city has suddenly turned their backs on shifters, and Morgan knows it’s likely the covens up to something sinister. Too bad convincing everyone else will not be an easy task to accomplish. 

Tired, overwhelmed, and her magic on the fritz, Morgan faces her greatest struggle yet as she travels to the Unseelie Dark Lands. To succeed, she’ll have to save her father, challenge her old friend and former lover, and stop the dark connection that threatens her unborn child.

But there is a wild power calling to Morgan, one none of the factions have ever dreamed could exist, and her answer, will either mean triumph—or doom—for the supernatural world.

This is the ultimate battle . . . winner takes the throne.


Published: June 13, 2019

Editors:  Lorraine Fico-White

Cover Artists:  Yocla Designs

Genres:  Paranormal RomanceUrban Fantasy

Tags:  Alpha MaleBestsellerRomanceSeriesshifters, Fae, Wolves, Royalty

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