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Part of the Half-Blood Huntress series:


No one said being the savior of the world would be easy…

Morgan has already stopped all-out war from decimating humankind, but the humans that know, don’t seem to appreciate their savior.

Each day, more fae show up on her doorstep, and it’s up to her to find a home for her new, ever-increasing tribe. To prevent a war between her pack and her clan, she and Greyson agree to a handfasting ceremony that is anything but a happily-ever-after. Responsibilities before romance, how romantic.

To protect Grayson from assassination, and Morgan from a forced marriage to a terrifying monster of the Unseelie Sidhe, their hybrid horde of rebels must quickly accept Morgan’s new powers and her new role as true alpha, before danger surrounds them on all sides.

As they strive to save the high fae and wild magic, one more time, Morgans chosen family will be tested and not all alliances will survive.


Published: March 14,  2019

Cover Artists:  Yocla Designs

Genres:  Paranormal RomanceUrban Fantasy

Tags:  Alpha MaleBestsellerRomanceSeriesshifters, Fae, Wolves, Royalty

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