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A Huntress Betrayed

The King of the Wild Hunt has been safely returned to his throne at Castle Tor, but the hunt for his assailant is far from over.

Jinx Ap Nudd didn’t think anything could be as bad as leaving her old life behind. She was wrong. Accusing your sister-in-law, heir to the bordering Redcap Kingdom, of treason is so much worse.

She’d did it for a good cause…even if her family can’t understand her reasoning just yet.

For now, keeping them in the dark is the only way to secure their safety, and with the help of her partner, Kapriel, and her sort of lover, Draven Hellguard, she’ll ensure they stay that way.

The hunt for the traitor has led Jinx straight to the Redcap Kingdom, where everyone is guilty until proven innocent, and no one is pleased about Jinx’s presence within the walls of their castle.

When one of her few allies is found close to death, the pressure to find who’s behind this, rises.

But just as she’s closing in on the traitor, they slip past her defenses like a tendril of smoke, leaving flames of chaos in their wake.

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