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Aurora: The Kresova Vampire Harems Volume One

"The dawn of a new age of vampire." - Crafting Geeky Bibliophile

Sometimes, it takes a pawn to dethrone a queen.

When Aurora Hedvige is bitten in New Orleans, her problems are only just beginning. But she isn’t in a position to complain. 

Carver Marceau is Kresova, an ancient race of vampires ruled by a deadly queen bent on keeping her reign at all costs. Carver believes Aurora is one of the Drias, the first of three fated harem queens destined to return the balance to the Kresova. 

As new allies are formed and the other consorts of Aurora’s harem are found, it’s a race against the clock as they battle against Queen Morana and her followers to protect the future of the Kresova vampires and Aura’s heart. 

A rising queen. Three handsome consorts. A deadly court full of intrigue. And a prophecy formed by fate.


Published:  May 10, 2018

Editors:  Lorraine Fico-White

Cover Artists:  Rebecca Frank

Genres:  Paranormal RomanceUrban Fantasy, Reverse Harem

Tags:  Alpha MaleBestsellerRomanceSeries, Revere Harem, Vampires, shifters, Fae, Wolves, Royalty

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