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Kiss of Frost Dragon Charm 1 Ebook.jpg


Fighting to save a family of dragons from evil mages? Easy.

When Ivy thwarted an intruder trying to break into her family's antique shop, she never thought she'd end up stuck in the middle of a dangerous war between mages bent on harnessing the last bit of dragon magic and dragons trying to stay safe.

Frost dragon Beck has been freed from his prison only to learn that his brothers aren't so lucky. With the help of Ivy, Beck works tirelessly to ensure the safety of his family as well as the safety of the woman who owns his heart.

Will Ivy be able to find Beck's family before it's too late? Or will Beck's icy temper jeopardize the safety of his family?


Part of the Dragon Charm Saga:

  • Kiss of Frost

  • Up in Smoke

  • Shake The Ground

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