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Castle of Illusions 2020 E-book WEB.jpg


Ever McElva is only sure of one thing. She's ready to bring these babies into the world and end the threat coming at her from both sides. 

As soon as one problem ends, another pops up and Ever can only trust her crew and her mate, Dare Fitzpatrick to keep her safe through this storm. With Doyle comatose, Arela running around with her new found Druid boy that's a friend, Ever is struggling to keep up with it all as a new mother. 

Just when she thinks she's got a handle on everything being thrown at her, an ally turns into a foe, and it strikes closer to home than she could have imagined. Will Ever come out on top after facing her growing number of enemies? Or will everything turn out to be an illusion meant to deter her from the real threat that lurks in the dark? 

Note: This is the final book for Ever and Dare. This series will continue with side characters getting their own stories.

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